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1.Random Quote

About 3000+ quotes from several books

Endpoint: https://api.hamatim.com/quote

    "text": "\u201cPaul, Paul, this is the claim you never made, the fervor you never showed. You were so cool and light, so        elusive, and I never felt you encircling me and claiming possession. Rango is saying all the words I wanted to hear you        say. You never came close to me, even while taking me. You took me as men take foreign women in distant countries whose        language they cannot speak. You took me in silence and strangeness.\u201d",
    "author_img": "https://images.gr-assets.com/authors/1468617897p2/7190.jpg",
    "id": "b'26834f3fdc4ea1a58db76f71677ff131'",
    "book": "The Four-Chambered Heart: V3 in Nin's Continuous Novel",
    "author": "Ana\u00efs Nin"

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